Cold storage, Ballarat and Victoria

Refrigerated warehousing

Our focus is to provide benefit beyond refrigerated space. When you employ the services of CBD Transport and Warehousing Cold Storage Division, you will get more than a sound solution for your cold storage needs. You’ll be signing on a new business partner committed to increasing your business options while continuing to search for new and better technology to ensure the integrity of your products.

Our refrigerated storage is maintained at a temperature range of 2.5 to 3.5 degrees Celsius to prevent the degradation of materials such as food supplies and even stock vaccinations. Our environmentally controlled cold storage is perfect for wine storage, potato seed storage and stock vaccinations because it prevents these products from spoiling. You can preserve the integrity of your stored items by protecting them from damage from heat or fluctuating temperature in monitored chilled or ambient storage facilities.

We have five cool stores, monitored on a daily basis for ongoing peace of mind for our customers. Our facilities include refrigerated storage capacity for almost 3,000 tonnes of potato seed and our location is ideal for servicing both local Ballarat growers and South Australian growers.

At CDB Transport & Warehousing we work to Victorian Safe Food and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) standards for safe cold and refrigerated storage.

Please contact CBD Transport and Warehousing for more information. We can also help with commercial and domestic general storage needs.