Wine storage solutions, Ballarat and Pyrenees

CDB Transport & Warehousing provides wine storage for Ballarat and Pyrenees customers requiring quality wine storage solutions. We also have clients further afield in the Greater Geelong region, including the Bellarine Peninsula. Our wine storage location has controlled temperature and humidity levels which are monitored on a daily basis.

We also cater to other beverage producers such as cider houses, providing the same level of environmental control for your products.

Each pallet is catalogued and labelled with a unique identification barcode. Wine can be delivered directly to CDB Transport and you are notified as soon as your wine is added to the database. We can also arrange to dispatch wine to third parties on your behalf.

You can collect your wine at any time convenient to you between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Appointments for pick up outside these hours is also available by prior arrangement.

Storage fees are calculated on a daily basis and billed on a monthly basis complete with a full inventory listing.

Please note that CDB Warehousing does not insure your wine whilst in storage. We strongly recommend that you take an extension to your existing insurance policy which will cover your goods at all times and for all contingencies.

If you are a wine producer in Victoria’s prominent wine regions of Ballarat, Pyrenees, the Grampians and Geelong, please contact us to discuss your storage needs. We also provide specialist potato seed storage in Ballarat, for growers in VIC and SA.